Torello Orlandini

The history of Italy just a few
steps from the Duomo of Florence

The art of philately in the
capital of the Renaissance

Torello Orlandini's passion for philately was born in 1944 during the Anglo-American occupation. This led him to open his first business in the beating heart of Florence. From that moment on, he will be a reference, not only Florentine, but Italian, for the collecting of stamps.

A passion that passes by
generation after generation.

The history of the shop evolves together with that of the Orlandini family, now in its second generation with Torello’s son, Alessandro. Every day we are on the lookout for new “treasures”, which are the foundation of our vision; each item for sale is a "unique piece", carefully researched, studied and selected for your collections, for your home or for a special gift.

For us, philately is beauty, art, culture, history and ideas .. The love for philately and the knowledge given by our long experience in the field allow us to create a close and lasting bond of trust and confidence with our customers.

Nothing is impossible to find, our presence for more than half a century and our network of contacts allow us to find even the rarest stamps: from the first issued, to the most modern, in every part of the world.

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